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Vantiva Precision BioDevices is a global manufacturing and development partner with the expertise to bring your lab-on-chip devices from rapid prototype to market with peerless speed and cost leadership.

Who is Vantiva Precision BioDevices?

Vantiva Precision BioDevices is a contract microfluidics manufacturer specializing in injection-molded nano- and micro-scale microfluidic consumables. A division of Vantiva, formerly Technicolor SA, we combine decades of injection molding expertise and a century of innovation and global supply chain experience to deliver peerless contract manufacturing for lab-on-chip microfluidic systems.

With a world-class Innovation Center located alongside major biotech hubs in California, Vantiva Precision BioDevices partners “locally” with clients, providing rapid prototyping through scale manufacturing services and connection to our global supply chain and logistics capabilities.

Our Mission

Our mission as a leading microfluidics company is to provide strategic manufacturing partnerships and development partnerships to agile companies seeking to bring their innovative designs for microfluidic devices to life.

With decades of injection molding experience and end-to-end solutions for mass manufacturing and worldwide shipping, Vantiva Precision BioDevices is focused on transforming designs into products through highly optimized processes to maximize design efficiency and product functionality while reducing risk, minimizing costs, and streamlining production and distribution logistics.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Vantiva Precision BioDevices maintains its position as an innovation and price leader among microfluidics companies through the tireless work and boundless expertise of its engineering and logistics personnel and the experience and leadership of its executive team.

Sean Lee
Director of Manufacturing

Sean Lee of Vantiva Precision BioDevices has 10 years of industrial experience and subject matter expertise in the microfluidics arena, including product development, production line setup, process development, and quality control.

Sean received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Cincinnati in 2008, with a research focus in BioMEMS and microfabrication of Lab-on-a-Chip devices. He was in charge of the manufacturing when his previous company successfully commercialized a series of microfluidics consumable products.

John Town
SVP Technology

John Town has led Vantiva’s technology development in the fields of precision molding and micro-fabrication for the past 20+ years – including most recently the addition of Vantiva Precision BioDevices’ Technical Innovation Center located in Southern California.

Over the past 10 years, he has served on the Board of several leading standards and technology organizations. John holds an MS in Microelectronic Systems and has over 10 patents in the field of optical technology and injection molding.

Our Microfluidic Device Services

Our ISO 13485 certified microfluidics company provides custom development and manufacturing of polymeric microfluidic devices to bring your device to market with precision, accuracy, and global logistics expertise.

Rapid Prototyping

Your ideas are only as good as your prototype. Our rapid prototyping expertise helps you achieve a workable proof-of-concept with fast turnaround, along with extensive guidance on materials and production processes to provide the most cost-effective solutions.

Design Verification

Every great product begins with a great design, and whether you’re far along in the design process for your new product already or just starting out, our engineers’ cross-functional expertise is at your disposal to make your design the best it can be.

Production At Any Scale

From small batches for testing to global distribution, from one to one million units, Vantiva Precision BioDevices manufactures microfluidics at industry-leading turn times with competitive pricing at scale thanks to our streamlined development process.

Global Logistics

Vantiva lifts the weight of global development and distribution logistics off your shoulders with comprehensive microfluidic development services and global manufacturing and supply-chain capabilities across North America and Europe.

Dive deep into Vantiva Precision BioDevice’s process and capabilities:

Our Industry Focus and Applications

Vantiva Precision BioDevices connects innovators across medical, biological, agricultural, and scientific fields to the microfluidics company production processes, expertise, and technology they need to realize their designs at any scale and build smarter, faster, more accurate microfluidic devices.









Genomics, Next Generation

Vantiva At a Glance

  • Established 2017 as Vantiva Precision BioDevices, a subsidiary of Vantiva

  • Dedicated Technical Innovation Centre based in Camarillo, CA

  • ISO 7 / Class 10,000 Cleanrooms

  • ISO 13485:2016 certified

  • Multi-disciplinary expertise – microfluidics, nano fabrication, bioengineering, optical, biotech and material science

  • Proven track record of developing and manufacturing IVD medical devices

  • Scale manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe

  • Worldwide packaging, shipping and logistics

Our core expertise is in lab-on-a-chip microfluidic systems and extends to markets including medical diagnostics clinical / Point-of-Care testing, environmental monitoring, agricultural testing, veterinary, drug discovery and life sciences.

Partnerships and Collaborations

As a global Manufacturing Partner and Development Partner, we are a microfluidics company that fulfills contract manufacturing roles for agile companies worldwide to establish new manufacturing lines, assure supply continuity, achieve manufacturable designs, and secure intellectual property while mitigating their risk and optimizing their strategic, financial, and technical positions.

Microfluidics Company Quality Assurance

  • ISO 13485:2016 certified Quality Management System
  • ISO 7 clean room processing, assembly, and packaging

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Visit the Vantiva Precision BioDevices Innovation Center

When you hear “Vantiva,” you think technical innovation and scientific collaboration. Based in California, our Innovation Center provides comprehensive microfluidic development services and global manufacturing and supply-chain capabilities across North America and Europe to take your ideas for new medical innovations from start to finish.

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