Medical Precision Molding

Using cutting-edge fabrication methodologies and technologies, Vantiva Precision BioDevices provides precision injection molding for medical products where attention to detail is paramount.

Bring your medical devices to life with cost-effective medical precision molding.

A strategic contract manufacturer takes the burden and risks of precision injection molding off of your shoulders, optimizing for quality, manufacturability, and scalable production at any scale.

Specialties in All Widely Used Injection Molded Medical Polymers.

In-House Custom Ultra Precision Mold Tooling Capabilities

ISO7 Certified Clean Rooms for Processing and Assembly

Medical products demand precision.

From dental products to surgical instruments to implantable devices, precise, reliable, and consistent fabrication is crucial to provide critical medical functions. Precision injection molding is essential to cost-effectively scaling your production while ensuring the tight tolerances necessary for medical devices of all shapes and sizes—especially the smallest ones—to provide accurate and consistent results and meet stringent regulatory standards for quality.

Our precision mold services combine ultra-precise micro machining with cutting-edge injection molding.

Take your medical product designs further with a strategic medical molding partner:

Why You Need a Strategic Partner for Precision Injection Mold Services

When your medical device designs require the utmost in fabrication quality and tight tolerances, you don’t have to go it alone. Vantiva Precision BioDevices is your strategic partner in overcoming challenges in design, production, development, and distribution.

Extensive Range in Materials and Assembly Techniques

Our extensive expertise in precision injection molding for diagnostic and medical products includes widely used and exotic thermoplastics such as:

  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)
  • Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP)
  • Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC)
  • Biodegradable PHA bio-resins
  • Custom blends

Cost-Effective Precision Mold Tooling Mastery

Custom injection molds for medical devices are difficult and expensive to produce in-house, but with our mold tooling expertise, you take advantage of:

  • Low-cost, low-risk medical injection molding operations
  • Cutting-edge processing techniques for exotic thermoplastics
  • Micro-scale detail and tolerances for complex designs

Flexible Production and Logistics for Injection Molded Devices

With our extensive expertise and focus on world-class quality, we support:

  • Low- to mid- volume production
  • Quick-turn overflow work
  • Offload contract manufacturing
  • Prototype and short production runs
  • Shipping and packaging logistics support

Decades of Precision Molding Expertise

Our engineers provide complete design, prototyping, and prototype support with:

  • Over 35 years of experience with precision injection molding
  • Extensive expertise in the medical industry
  • A proven stage-gate production process

Discover the strategies to design your medical products for manufacturability.

Medical Precision Molding at the Vantiva Innovation Center

Precision Micro Tolerances

Our 80 to 220 ton single-stage Arburg Hybrid molding units and CNC machinery enable micro and nano-scale tolerances for precise tooling and custom mold bases up to 570mm.

Production Molding Rooms

Each department is supported with state-of-the-art advanced injection molding machines, CNC machining centers, advanced mold heating and chilling equipment, robotic arm offloading, and more.

ISO 7 Clean Rooms and Robotic Cells

We utilize fully configurable Class 10,000 clean rooms and robotic handling systems to maintain ISO 13485:2016 certified quality and efficient automation through the entire production process.

Local Production, Global Expertise

Our Innovation Center in Camarillo, CA and global manufacturing and logistics infrastructure offers local production facilities to biotech, medical, and aerospace and capacity for global expansion..

New Materials Making the Medical Devices of Tomorrow

The world of medical device manufacturing is always in flux as exotic new materials redefine what’s possible. In our free eBook, we take a look at the real-world use cases of three of the hottest up-and-coming thermoplastics in medical injection molding:

Glass vaccine vial alternatives with Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP)
Complex, intricate medical lenses with Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC)
Sustainable medical devices with Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs)

Discover how you expert Contract Manufacturing can help you seize opportunities for innovation with these exotic materials.

Applications of Precision Injection Molding for Medical Devices



Prosthetic and Orthopedic

Test Kits

Medical Devices



IV and Catheter

Whatever your product, we help you take it from an idea to the market.

How to Work with Vantiva Precision BioDevices

As your strategic partner, we support the entire design, prototyping, production, and distribution process to keep costs down and de-risk medical precision molding.



Our engineers are here to lend their expertise to realizing your product at any point in the design process, offering recommendations and advice to optimize your design for performance and manufacturability.



We take your design and rapidly iterate on proof-of-concepts for you to test and refine, offering recommendations at every stage in the prototyping process for creating a cost-effective design that won’t sacrifice quality.



From small to large scale production, we provide the support you need. Our global manufacturing, shipping and logistics expertise helps you distribute your products as far as you want and keeps costs down.

See for yourself how medical precision molding expertise can bring your new product to life.

With Vantiva Precision BioDevices as your strategic design, manufacturing, and production partner, you can bring your medical device from a napkin design to medical establishments around the world.

Reach out to us today to get started with an initial design consultation.

Precision Mold Tooling Services FAQ

Polymer injection-molding is a proven manufacturing process for high volume production of precision micro- and nano- scale medical devices, including microfluidics. Precision molding uses injection molding techniques to create highly detailed components or products with extremely tight tolerances, down to the order of microns, in order to create extremely complex micro-devices that must meet high standards of performance and quality.

Medical molding is a specialized form of injection molding process tailored to meeting the unique needs of medical devices and components. Tooling medical injection molds takes into account how injection molding processes can be optimized for specific types of polymers chosen for their biocompatibility and other medically necessary properties.

To produce custom medical devices such as housings for medical equipment, surgical instruments, prosthetic implants, or lab-on-a-chip devices, developers need unique injection molds that can reliably produce the intricate designs of their products to tight tolerances. Precision mold tooling is the creation of unique mold tools in which polymers are injected or pressed to accurately and repeatedly produce designs with very intricate details.

Mold tooling is a complicated process that must take into account the development of custom designs, the selection of proper mold materials and surface finishing, and other factors that require extensive expertise. Performing custom mold tooling in-house also requires significant upfront investment in equipment and machinery, along with ongoing maintenance costs.

Taking advantage of precision mold services drastically reduces the need for upfront financial and knowledge investment, reducing the risk of new ventures.

We use cutting-edge, state-of-the-art molding units, advanced CNC machining equipment, and a host of support equipment to develop high-throughput custom molds that can produce your medical devices at a high throughput. Our equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Single stage Arburg Hybrid molding units (80 to 220 ton)
  • Kern EVO and Okuma M560-V CNC machinery
  • Advanced mold heating and chilling equipment
  • Keyence optical scan system
  • Multiple ISO 7 clean room-controlled environments validated and certified to ISO7 Certified Clean Rooms
  • Multiple advanced bonding and fusing methods

Vantiva Precision BioDevices utilizes the latest in Design for Manufacturability techniques to make your design cost-effective and easily reproducible at your desired scale.

From processing to assembly to packaging, all operations are performed in ISO 7 Class 10,000 clean rooms validated and certified to ISO7 Certified Clean Rooms to prevent contamination and ensure that all products adhere to the high standards expected of them by consumers and regulatory bodies. Vantiva’s quality system and processes as a whole adhere to strict ISO 13485:2016 standards, which concern the production and servicing of medical devices.

We leverage our vast expertise in precision injection molding for diagnostic and medical products to choose the right injection molded polymers and extruded films for your unique application and requirements. Our material specialties include:

  • Cyclic Olefin Polymer (COP)
  • Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

Our Innovation Center’s location in Camarillo, CA makes us a convenient source of local manufacturing and design services to major biotech hubs in California, while our manufacturing facilities in Latin America, Europe, and Australia provide the capacity to increase production on a global scale.

We use rapid, iterative prototyping and a stage-gate process to streamline product development, lifting the cost and expertise burdens of producing your own injection molded devices off of your shoulders while assisting in gathering the data and risk identification/mitigation processes your product needs for clinical testing, filing, and regulatory approval. We have a long corporate history of protecting and being trusted with sensitive Intellectual Property and other confidential information.