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We hope you find our new free eBook on today’s cutting-edge medical device resins and injection molding technologies informative.

With this eBook, you’ll gain valuable insights with real-world examples of how advanced and exotic thermoplastics—and the manufacturing expertise and capabilities to make full use of them—can help you build better medical devices and equipment and make your mark on a competitive industry.

Ready to bring your ideas to life?

Vantiva Precision BioDevices maintains state-of-the-art injection molding expertise and capabilities to bring your designs and ideas for new medical devices, from diagnostic microfluidic chips to implantable orthopedic or drug delivery devices.

Our manufacturing and logistics expertise helps you develop your products at any scale you need, from one to one million.



Design It

No matter how far along you are in the design process, our expertise can help you through the process of designing your product for manufacturability and assembly.


Prototype It

Our experts provide comprehensive rapid prototyping support to iterate on your design until you find the best, most cost-effective design solution.


Produce It

Whether you need one product or one million, Vantiva’s long history of engineering and logistics expertise can bring your medical product to market at any scale.

From small batch testing, to cost-saving strategies for global distribution, we take the risk out of injection molding.