Laser Welding – A Free Microfluidics White Paper

Discover the options available for polymer bonding and the advantages of Transparent Plastic Laser Welding in our free microfluidics white paper.

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Various polymer bonding methods play a crucial role in the performance and reliability of lab-on-chip (LOC) technology.

Deciding which method to use for your microfluidic chip requires careful consideration of each method’s strengths and weaknesses for a given application.

In this white paper, you’ll discover the benefits of transparent laser plastic welding for your chip designs, including:

  • Tight tolerances
  • Clear-to-clear welding
  • No requirements for absorber material additives

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The Vantiva Precision BioDevices Process


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No matter how far along you are in the design process, our expertise can help you through the process of designing for manufacturability, from chip design and materials to bonding techniques.


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Our experts support your rapid prototyping process to produce and iterate on proof-of-concepts to test and refine your chip designs.


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Whether you need one chip or one million, Vantiva’s long history of engineering and logistics expertise can bring your microfluidic device to market at any scale.

From small batch testing, to cost-saving strategies for global distribution, we take the risk out of microfluidic design.