Across a vast array of industries, fields, and disciplines, custom microfluidic chips play crucial roles in streamlining and transforming scientific research, providing such benefits as increasing throughput and automation, and unlocking novel experimental capabilities.

Advances in custom microfluidics are making what was once unfeasible or even impossible for researchers a reality. At Vantiva Precision BioDevices, our microfluidics fabrication expertise helps our customers push the boundaries of scientific research and take hold of new insights that previously seemed out of reach.

Let’s take a closer look at how microfluidic devices provide greater research insights than off-the-shelf tools:

Off-the-Shelf Research Tools vs. Microfluidic Devices

Off-the-shelf scientific research tools provide general solutions that sometimes fall short of addressing the challenges researchers face. Compared to them, custom microfluidic chips provide advantages such as:

  • Designs tailored to specific research needs to offer precise control and improved experimental outcomes
  • Flexibility and the integration of multiple specific and complex research functionalities into a single device
  • Increased experimental efficiency due to higher throughput and streamlined experimental workflows
  • Doing more with less—minimizing reagent consumption and gaining clearer insights from tiny amounts of fluid in the microliter or even nanoliter range
  • Precise automation and control features to improve reproducibility and accuracy of experimental results
  • Providing novel research opportunities through the efficient study of biological, physical, and chemical phenomena at the micro-scale

Though the design, fabrication, and scale production of custom microfluidics often comes at a higher upfront cost than off-the-shelf research equipment, that cost is often more than worth it—easily and smoothly meeting unique and specific experimental needs and unlocking new and potentially invaluable new scientific insights.

Groundbreaking Applications of Custom Microfluidic Devices

From biomedical research to drug discovery to environmental monitoring and beyond, custom microfluidics unlock new opportunities for potentially life-saving or world-changing research. Just a few examples include:

  • Mimicking the structure and function of organs on a single microfluidic chip (organ-on-a-chip) to enable the efficient and effective study of organ-level responses to drugs and disease mechanisms
  • Rapidly performing DNA analysis for genetic analysis and pattern detection
  • High-throughput screening and continuous-flow synthesis in drug discovery and development
  • Efficient, rapid-response environmental monitoring and analysis, including water quality, air pollution, and soil quality
  • Rapid and portable diagnostic tests in point-of-care facilities without access to larger-scale research equipment

Custom microfluidics are poised to revolutionize healthcare practices in the coming years through enabling more tailored and effective personalized medicine. From bioprinting to space exploration, custom microfluidic chips promise a wide range of potential revolutions in just as varied a selection of industries and fields. Will you be on the cutting edge—or wait for someone else to take the first step?

The Benefits of Collaboration with Custom Microfluidic Device Fabrication Experts

Creating custom microfluidics for scientific research is not an easy task. From creating a design to iterating on working prototypes to manufacturing a microfluidic product at the desired scale, producing custom microfluidic chips can be costly, time- and labor-intensive, and risky while also demanding particular expertise in microfluidics design and production logistics.

That’s why the best way to gain the research capabilities you need from custom microfluidics is by collaborating with custom microfluidic fabrication experts. Functioning as strategic manufacturing and development partners, microfluidic chip manufacturers take on the cost, labor, and expertise burdens of custom microfluidics on your behalf, offloading costs and risks to provide a more streamlined and accessible pipeline to the custom scientific tools your researchers need.

Collaboration with microfluidic chip manufacturers means gaining access to:

  • Specialized knowledge and expertise in microfabrication techniques to ensure that the fabrication process takes advantage of the best practices and most cutting-edge tools in the industry
  • Valuable insights into optimizing your chip designs for manufacturability while enhancing reliability and functionality
  • Streamlined fabrication processes for greater cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency
  • Optimized fabrication workflows, advanced cleanroom facilities, and specialized equipment
  • Rigorous quality assurance and testing to ensure accurate experimental results
    Ongoing troubleshooting assistance and support to overcome issues or challenges in device fabrication or operation
  • Continuous innovation in the field of custom microfluidics fabrication to leverage the most cutting-edge technologies
  • Ability to work with commercial materials and representative manufacturing equipment
  • Line of sight to high volume production for when your device or application reaches full scale implementation

With multi-disciplinary expertise in microfluidics, nano fabrication, bioengineering, optical, biotech, and material science, a proven track record of developing, manufacturing, and distributing custom microfluidics at scale worldwide, and ISO 7/Class 10,000 cleanrooms equipped with the leading fabrication tools and equipment, Vantiva Precision BioDevices helps scientific researchers across a vast range of industries and fields develop, prototype, produce, and distribute high-quality custom microfluidics to enable new heights of scientific achievement.

Vantiva Precision BioDevices offers a fully collaborative partnership to build smarter, faster, more accurate microfluidic devices. With in-house rapid and iterative prototyping capabilities, competitive manufacturing prices at any scale from one to one million, and global logistics expertise, we’re dedicated to building faster, better, and smarter.

The next groundbreaking discovery in biomedical research, drug development, environmental monitoring, personalized medicine, bioprinting, or even industrial production or space exploration might be made by the idea your engineers have for new custom microfluidic devices.

Ready to make it happen? Reach out to our microfluidic fabrication experts today: